Right by the tavernas and the cafes, a large sandy beach runs 1 kilometre long. The beach is not organised, retaining its character over the years. The tall pine trees offer generously their shade and the sound of the cicadas give an air of complete relaxation. The beach is sandy in and out of the shallow waters – ideal for small children.


A little further from the main beach of Gialova is the Divari beach. In contrast to the Gialova beach, this one is organised with sun beds and beach bars. It is a bustling beach with prominent the element of youth. Near the beach bar there is a semi-sunk ship that has become home to many kinds of fish. If you belong to the people that seek water activities Divari is an excellent destination as it offers beach volley and the opportunity for wind-surfing, sea-skiing and jet-skiing. The beach is sandy in and out of the shallow waters – ideal for small children.



One of the most beautiful beaches of Mediterranea and certainly the most famous one in Messenia is Voidokilia. Its shape brings to mind the letter Ω of the Greek alphabet, as it is an almost round bay with aqua green crystal clear waters. It is not organised, keeping its natural character. You will take pleasure in the strong presence of nature which reminds visitors the unparalleled beauty nature offers with abandon without human interference.
The area attracts many tourists but at the same time it preserves the sense of absolute tranquillity. Many choose to spend the whole day in Voidokilia, up to the time of the stunning sunset. The beach has been named as ‘Place of Particular Natural Beauty’ and it is protected by Natura 2000.



The beach is in the village with the same name, Romanos. The locals also call it Glyfadaki. It is made up of numerous small beaches side by side. Located about 2Km north of Voidokilia Beach, it is accessible from the north and the south. A part of it is organised with sun beds and cafes while the other part keeps its natural beauty. The sunset in the Romanos Beach is incredible and it is worth staying to that hour. If you are lucky, you might see sea turtles laying their eggs here.

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