During your stay in Imathoessa Hotel you can visit a number of attractions and archaeological sites. Messenia has a rich history engraved everywhere in the most intense way.

So you can combine the moments of calmness and relaxation with visits to archaeological sites and discover the history of the land in the most vivid way.

Don’t miss a visit to the castle of Pylos (Neokastron), the Palace of Nestor (15Km), the Castles in Methoni (20Km) and Koroni (48Km), and the castle of the capital, Kalamata (50Km), as well as the Antonopoulio Archeaological Museum and the Square of the Three Admirals in Pylos.

Finally, one of the most common excursions are the Polylimno Waterfalls (23Km), a landscape of exceptional beauty with several small waterfalls and lakes with freezing cold clean waters you can swim in.

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